Past Versions

v1.0.3: Editor and Mod Manager
- Added support for the importing of rigid and skinned meshes (this contains a few additons Frosty didn't have, such as an Auto-LOD feature which makes meshes from previous FIFAs work in FIFA 21, along with many other bug fixes)
- The opening of files while applying changes to the game now has retry logic in the Editor and Mod Manager, to handle temporary failures caused by antivirus software or other third-party software locking the files
- Added natural sort ordering for the various asset lists
- Now using the correct checkbox style for the skeleton dropdown
- Better support for non-English Windows cultures in the Editor and Mod Manager
- Added folder icons to the explorer controls
- Bug fix for keyboard shortcuts being unavailable after importing/exporting from the chunk/res explorer
- Added a BIG file editor with support for previewing of DDS textures, raw byte previews of other files, as well as importing and exporting (this contains many features Frosty didn't have, like an Export All feature with advanced settings, right click options, keyboard shortcuts and importing/exporting DDS files as PNG, TGA, HDR or DDS)
- Added SRGB override and grid toggles to EBX and legacy texture editors
- Extra logging when using ZStandard decompression, to provide information if the ZStandard library fails to load or the dictionary couldn't be found
- Small performance improvement when decompressing CAS data
- Bug fix where the texture editors would forget their applied settings when the tab they're contained in is moved between the left and right side of the screen
- Potential bug fix for error when applying legacy file changes to the game, and additional logging for this
- Added a new "Window" menu in the Editor, with a single menu item "Close all tabs", the keyboard hotkey Ctrl+Shift+C can also be used to close all tabs
- Added a keyboard hotkey for opening the Res/Chunk Explorer (Ctrl+Shift+R)
- Assets can now only be open in a single tab at a time, trying to open the same asset again will switch to the existing tab
- Increased the space between icons and the edge of menu items and context menus containing them
- The Launch button on the Editor is now split with a dropdown part, that lets the user relaunch the game using the previously-applied changes, skipping the process of applying modifications which saves time
- The Launch button on the Mod Manager is now split with a dropdown part, that lets the user delete the FIFAModData folder before launching the game
- Various other minor improvements and fixes

v1.0.2: Editor and Mod Manager
- Added an EBX displayer and editor via the property grid system (this contains all the same features as Frosty, like copy and paste and an instance viewer)
- Added support for mesh exporting of rigid meshes, composite meshes, and skinned meshes (with and without skeleton), as FBX. This also includes support for the newer FBX file formats 2018, 2019, and 2020 and a mesh export settings window
- Bug fix for chunk recompression of legacy files incorrectly trying to recompress the same chunk multiple times, resulting in invalid modifications to the game that cause it to fail to load
- Bug fix for crash when installation directory didn't end with a slash
- Possible bug fix for the texture editor sometimes showing only the colour of the middle pixel of the texture
- Improved error handling when reading data
- Version number if now written to the log file on startup
- Window title bar buttons (minimize, maximize, close) are no longer disabled during async operations such as loading and saving
- Slightly improved cache loading performance
- Updated the SDK
- Bug fix for an issue where hotkeys like Ctrl+S would stop working after an async operation such as loading and saving
- Bug fix for error when the game installation has been moved and the cache has not been deleted
- When starting the game executable fails due to a lack of admin rights, it will now be retried automatically as admin
- A check has been added to see if the game is installed on a drive with an unsupported file system (Only NTFS drives are supported, due to the requirement of using symlinks for applying mods)
- Improved checks when importing textures (both legacy and EBX) to ensure block compressed textures have a width and height that are a multiple of 4
- Bug fix for an infinite error loop when textures shown by the texture editor fail to load
- Added file type icons for the Data and Legacy explorers
- Replaced the old fifaconfig.exe with a newly-created version, which uses .NET 5 as a self-contained executable, which no longer depends on .NET Framework 4.x being installed. This also means there's no longer a black command prompt window that appears when launching the game
- Altered the look of the clear button in the search filters, to use a more visible colour when the mouse is hovered over them
- Various other minor improvements and bug fixes

v1.0.1: Editor and Mod Manager
- Fixed a bug where launching the game using non-English Windows locales would give an error
- Improved the symlink creation process to avoid requiring admin rights
- Fixed the launch button and export mod menu item from sometimes staying greyed out incorrectly
- The popup when clicking launch if FIFA is already running no longer generates an error sound
- Middle-clicking on an open tab will now close the tab
- Added support for Windows 7 (must have Service Pack 1 installed)
- Improved the error handling when the game is not installed or the installation directory cannot be located, it now displays a message telling you it couldn't find it automatically, then brings up a window for you to select it manually, and then saves that path in a json file
- The encryption key input window no longer grows to a large size when certain content is pasted into it
- Minor optimization when reading fixed-size text
- Bug fix for issue when trying to relaunch the game
- Added additional logging when launching the game

v1.0.0: Editor and Mod Manager

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