FIFA Editing Toolsuite v1.1.3


The powerful Editor can be used to create mods, with the ability to import, export, and view many files including Textures and Meshes, with an incredible amount of other features to help you along the way.

Mod Manager

You can use the Mod Manager to import, play and combine mods made from others (or yourself) made by the Editor, all in a few clicks, and built on preformance.

Huge credit to GalaxyMan2015, Cade, benji, derwangler, and others who helped with the fantastsic Frosty Toolsuite


- Support textures in the mesh editor for FIFA 23 meshes, using MeshVariationDatabase (Editor)
- Upgraded to .NET 7 (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for RIFF EBX alignment of CString arrays (Editor)
- Bug fix for Export button on the legacy text editor exporting the modified version, when opening the original view of a modified file (Editor)
- Updated the FIFA 23 SDK (Editor)
- Errors during modding cache generation will now be written to the log file (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for the Copy button on the texture editor not working for some DDS textures (BC2_UNORM and B8G8R8A8_UNORM) (Editor)
- Bug fix for modding cache generation failing when the CAS file referenced by a bundle is not found, fixing launching issues with FIFA 23 TU#3 (Editor and Mod Manager)

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There is a guide on how to install here. For more help, join the discord.