FIFA Editing Toolsuite v1.0.7


The powerful Editor can be used to create mods for FIFA, with the ability to import, export, and view many files including Textures and Meshes, with an incredible amount of other features to help you along the way.

Mod Manager

You can use the Mod Manager to import and apply mods made from others (or yourself) made by the Editor, and has the power to play with multiple mods at the same time.


- Added a NoneInFolder search filter tag, that will show all items inside a folder only if none of the items in the folder match the rest of the filter. The text entered into the NoneInFolder tag accepts regular expressions to restrict which items are considered, and searches using the full path and name of the item. Any filters specified to the left of the NoneInFolder tag will be evaluated separately (Editor)
- Changed the wording of the error message when the game installation directory can't be located automatically, to make it clearer (Editor and Mod Manager)
Added a custom error message when running out of memory while launching the game (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Updated various third-party dependencies (Editor)
- Added a collapsible References pane at the bottom of the window, showing EBX references to and from the selected asset (Editor)
- Added a new setting in the Settings window to control whether the references pane is hidden by default (Editor)
- Added an InitFS editor that can be accessed from the Tools menu. Any entry within the InitFS file can be viewed or edited, and the changes will be applied when launching from the editor, and are writen to the exported mod file. A search bar is included (Editor)
- InitFS modifications are now supported in the Mod Manager. The highest priority mod that contains an InitFS modification will be used. (Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for the EBX property grid reloading when editing a value. This would occur the first time an EBX asset was edited after either loading or saving a project (Editor)
- Bug fix for the mod icon not being shown on the locale.ini dropdown (Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for the parent folder in the data explorer becoming selected, when trying to select a child folder, with a file selected in the file list (Editor)
- Bug fix for exporting of single EBX assets not respecting the chosen filename (Editor)
- Bug fix for the current selection in the data explorer not being restored when the folder list is updated (Editor)
- Support displaying some meshes that would previously cause an error, e.g. content/character/player/player_227000/marji_amel_227350/var_0/hair_227350_0_0_mesh (Editor)
- Minor optimisations when the data explorer folder list is refreshed (Editor)
- Bug fix for the asset list selection not always being restored (Editor)
- Bug fix for the property grid refreshing and causing expanders to close, on various editor tabs (Editor)
- Bug fix for an issue where it wasn't possible to close mesh editor tabs if an error occurred during loading of the mesh editor (Editor)
- Added an update checker, to alert users when a new version is available (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for an issue where focus was being taken away from the search box when the filter is applied (Editor)
- More reliable zooming to extents when loading the mesh editor (Editor)
- Bug fix for being unable to launch the game when additional command-line arguments are set in Origin for FIFA 21 (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for undo functionality on the legacy text editor being able to undo to a blank editor (Editor)
- Potential bug fix for the selected asset (in the file list of the data explorer) losing its selection after importing a file (Editor)
- Added support for adding ".fifaproject.bak" files on the batch mod export window (Editor)
- The custom fifaconfig.exe launcher now writes its log file to the local appdata folder: %localappdata%\FIFA Editor Tool\FifaConfig. The file is now split into one log file per day (Editor and Mod Manager)
- The settings window and install errors window no longer appear in the taskbar, or the Alt+Tab list (Mod Manager)
- Added a tooltip to the conflicts tab's mod header, containing the full mod name and mod file name (Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for profiles not being correctly updated when installing a mod that's already in a profile (Mod Manager)
- The program now ensures that FIFA21.exe exists in the installation directory. If not, you will be prompted to re-select your installation directory (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for closing the "no results" dialog with the Enter key when searching in the legacy DB editor causing the dialog to appear again (Editor)
- Bug fix for focus being lost when changing the table filter on the DB editor (Editor)
- Added a custom error message for the "InvalidDataException" error, suggesting that the user could try repairing FIFA in Origin or EA Desktop (Mod Manager)
- Low memory mode is now supported and is enabled by default, and can be enabled or disabled from the configuration file, or the Advanced tab of the Settings window/Mod Manager tab of the Settings window. For users with a large amount of memory, they can choose to disable low memory mode (Editor and Mod Manager)
- It's now possible to drag and drop editor projects (.fifaproject and .fifaproject.bak) on to the batch mod export window (Editor)
- The Res/Chuk Explorer tab can now only be opened as a single instance, and trying to open a new instance will select the existing tab (Editor)
- Added a message to the conflicts tab to explain that conflicts are not always a problem (Mod Manager)
- Added support for automatically resizing imported legacy textures, when the aspect ratio is the same as the original but the size differs, and the message can hidden for the future
- Settings window now allows you to restore hidden dialogs
- (Editor)
- Added "Copy File Name" and "Copy Chunk ID" items to the context menu of the EBX and legacy data explorers, and the res/chunk explorer (Editor)
- Added a custom error message when access to a file or folder is denied (Mod Manager)
- Added a colour picker/converter window, accessible from the Tools menu, or by using its hotkey (Ctrl + P) (Editor)
- Added icons to the items under the Tools menu (Editor)
- The texture resolution is now shown for textures inside BIG files (Editor)
- Added support for using Ctrl + Shift + Z as an alternative shortcut for Redo in the search filter box (Editor)
- Added support for exporting all mesh textures from the right-click menu of the data explorer, when a mesh is selected (Editor)
- An error message is now shown when an unexpected error occurs (Mod Manager)
- Bug fix for fifaconfig.exe not being detected when trying to launch the game (only fifaconfig_orig.exe was being detected) (Editor and Mod Manager)
- Added the ability to import FIFA Kit Creator kits from .zip files, by right-clicking on a kit folder in the Data Explorer and choosing "Import FIFA Kit Creator Kit" (Editor)
- Allow loading of projects where added chunks need to be changed into modifications to a pre-existing chunk after a FIFA update (Editor)
- Ctrl + Shift + B can now be used to open the batch mod exporter (Editor)
- Added support for filtering of the affected files list using a search box and a dropdown for file type (Editor)
- Made the affected files list collapsible (Editor)
- Added a context menu to files in the affected files list, allowing copying of the file paths, and exporting of all paths of each type to a text file (Editor)
- The files in the affected files list are now sorted alphabetically, first by type and then by name (Editor)
- Improved the focus behavior when changing tabs
- Updated the SDK
- Code Cleanup and Optimization
- Other fixes and changes

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